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Blachford Field of Nightmares!

Good afternoon Teens, Tweens, and Parents,

I write to you all to inform you that Teens and Tweens will be going to the Blachford Field of Nightmares this evening, Monday, October 23, so be ready for a good scare!

The bus will be leaving at 6:00pm so please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

Due to the recent snow, we ask that you dress warmly for the weather as we can't allow you to come with us otherwise. That means proper footwear, warm clothes overall, a warm coat, and a hat, toque, and mitts. Let's take care of ourselves, so that we can have as fun of time as possible!

As side notes, to clear up any confusion, Blachford Field of Nightmares is opening up for Cool Aid specifically, so there will be no issues with waiting in line, and bringing money is not necessary for this event.

And due to Tweens joining us for this field trip today, THERE WILL BE NO TWEEN PROGRAM HAPPENING TOMORROW.

We look forward to having you with us!

The Cool Aid Staff

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