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Improvements to our Registration and Operation Procedures

The Cool Aid Staff have been tirelessly dedicated to enhancing our programs, particularly in how we communicate with families and ensure the safety of their children while under our care. As part of this ongoing effort, we have made the decision to discontinue our Cool Aid app and transition to the Lillio program (formerly known as Hi Mama).

This transition to Lillio offers numerous benefits for both our staff and the families we serve:

  • Families will receive real-time notifications when their child arrives at and departs from our program, providing peace of mind and enhancing communication.

  • The chat and message center within the Lillio platform is more efficient and user-friendly compared to our previous app, streamlining communication between staff and families.

  • The attendance tracking process is simplified with Lillio, allowing us to allocate more time directly with the children rather than administrative tasks.

  • The registration process is expedited with Lillio, reducing the time required to complete forms and ensuring a smoother enrollment experience for families.

  • By embracing Lillio, we are confident that we can further improve the quality of our services and strengthen our connections with the families we support.

  • With consent, we will share photos of your child engaging in activities throughout the day.

  • Parents have access to program calendars, so they are aware of what is planned for the activity.

  • All communication and notifications will be centralized through this platform. You can engage in chat with either the directors, leaders, or both.

Over the next few weeks, we will be enrolling each child into this program. The parent or guardian listed in our records will receive an email requesting registration for your child. We aim to prefill as much information as possible for your convenience, but we kindly ask you to review it for accuracy. Additionally, please carefully read and select your consents and permissions accordingly.

Thank you deeply for your support of The Cool Aid Society. Your time and efforts are sincerely valued in contributing to the success and safety of our program.


Cool Aid Staff

Lillio cannot do the booking feature. Families will still be required to

 book their child(ren) into our programs through our website.

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