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Require Assistance? 

We want every child to be able to benefit from our groups and mentorship and understand that need for our programs. 

As things change in our families circumstances we want to be able to offer the assistance required for our families and their children. 

We offer subsidized rates for our Schools out PD Days and Schools Out Breaks to be able to alleviate the costs and burdens this might bring to our communities families.

We're a Youth Centre Organization and not classified as a Day Care, and we offer services from ages 5- 18 years of age that differ from other facilities. 

Unlike daycare subsidies provided by the government, our Subsidy Program is funded solely by donations from individuals and corporations. We're committed to offering opportunities to all families, and our Subsidy Program operates through application and availability of funds.

Due to this program currently being funded by private donations and we're always working on promoting donations and encouraging the community to help to ensure that these programs can be offered to all families. 

If you require assistance, please fill out our application form below. 

We have limited available spots for subsidy, and families will be waitlisted, please ensure that you put your applications through. 

Please note that we will strive to gain donations and funding to continue to assist with this program. 

Looking to Donate to our Subsidy Program, please inquire:

See Donation page for a list of other items our facility needs. 

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