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As a charitable organization, we face a critical challenge in maintaining sustainability and seek assistance through personal and business donations, grants, and other forms of support. Your contribution directly impacts our organization's sustainability, ensuring we continue to provide a safe haven for the youth of Grande Prairie.

Join us in creating a positive future for our community.

We actively seek assistance in various forms, including monetary contributions, items, resources, ideas, and volunteers.

Community engagement is crucial, and your support, whether through volunteering or donations, helps sustain our programs and cover operational costs.

Your contribution will make a lasting impact on the lives of the youth we serve and enhance our community.

At The Cool Aid Society, our mission is to create a safe and inclusive environment through our youth programs, ensuring that all youths feel valued, supported, and empowered. By establishing community connections and providing tools for growth, we contribute to positive mental health and development.

Your support resonates within the youth and the broader community, fostering an environment where young people are more likely to grow, thrive, and excel. Together, we can make a change.

Donation items we can always use : 

  • Water Bottles

  • Juice or Pop

  • Engaging games for the youth centre

  • Gift Cards to places like: Amazon, Michaels, or local Youth facilities: Eastlink, Cineplex, etc. for our outings. 

  • Volunteers for our Youth Building. 

​We're always looking for fun and engaging ways to establish connections with our youth and have had individuals donate their time for Cooking Lessons or others. ​

  • Donations towards our Subsidized PD and School Break Program

For more information, please contact: 

We're always in need of donations and funding.

Items: ($) Money, or Gifts in Kind are greatly appreciated. 


Here at Cool Aid we happily accept donations of various types and will ensure that you are given a proper receipt. 

If there is something you wish to donate that isn't on our list, please feel free to ask us, please email: 

Donate through Canada Helps

or below directly on our site

Donate to Youth Programs in Grande Prairie

Add a description to your donation form, tell your site visitors why they should donate to your cause - providing a description increases donation conversions. 

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Want to Volunteer? We always need help.

Do you want to help our organization? Do your want to get involved?

We would be honoured to have you join our organization, and you can do so in a variety of different ways. 

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