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The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie is dedicated to fostering the well-being of youth through our Charity Youth Center, offering a diverse range of programs tailored for various age groups.

Our commitment to youth mental health is evident in our meticulously crafted initiatives, which span from Afterschool and Evening programs to PD Days and Seasonal Breaks. We understand the importance of providing accessible resources, and to achieve this, we offer both no-cost and paid programming.

The funds generated from our paid programs contribute to the sustainability of our operations, ensuring that we can continue offering essential services at no cost. We take pride in collaborating with local organizations in the Grande Prairie Region, pooling resources and initiatives to benefit the youth in our community.

Our programs are designed not only to provide engaging and activity-based experiences but also to instill valuable communication strategies and skills.

At the core of our mission is the goal of helping youth build positive connections, engage in healthy conversations, and develop a strong sense of self-awareness.


The Cool Aid Society is more than just a center; it is a beacon of support and empowerment for the youth of Grande Prairie.

Our programs are offered in Pre-Booking up to 2 weeks in advance and Same Drop-In but our Booking function must be used. 

We also have special programs and courses that require booking and registration. 

Cool Aid Kapow


No Cost Program
Ages 5-14



No Cost Program
Ages 10- 13/14


No Cost Program
Ages 14-18

Schools Out.

AGES 5-14

Special Programming.

We're consistently working on connections and the development of our Afterschool and Evening programs and have partnered with amazing community leaders.


We're pleased to be offering our Special Programming through modules being taught outside of our Youth Leaders by Non-Profit Collaborators, and Grande Prairie Partners that include but are not limited to Mental Health Initiatives and Wellness, Addiction Prevention and Intervention, Arts in Grande Prairie, and Career and Life Management. 

Included in our day to day fun activities we link these amazing and needed programs through innovative, and activity based learning as a part our our Afterschool and Evening


Programming we offer at no-cost to youth ages 5-18.

Please see our Special Program Page for more details about current programs.

Facility Rentals.

Celebrate your child's special day at the Cool Aid Society's Youth Centre. 


Enjoy 1.5 hours of fun and play, with an additional 15 minutes for setup and 15 minutes for cleanup, for a total of 2 hours. 

Our fully equipped kitchen makes it convenient for you to bring your own food.


The facility offers a variety of rental equipment, including game systems, laser tag, arcade games, and bouncy castles (in the summer) – not to mention a spacious yard, creating the perfect setting for an unforgettable birthday celebration.

Our accommodating facility can host up to 30 children for this service, and all proceeds from facility bookings contribute to our Subsidy Program, serving as a donation for PD-Day Camps and Schools Out Spring, Summer, and Winter breaks, ensuring subsidized access for youth in need.

Maximum Occupancy for 40 including our staff required for that day. 

Experience our facility today and contribute to the community while creating lasting memories. Book now and make a positive impact!


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Have Questions? See our FAQs.

We have tried to think of every question you might have, please take a read through out Questions and answers. 

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