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Meet The Youth Leaders.

Our Youth Leaders, equipped with dynamic and engaging abilities along with accredited credentials for working with children, play a crucial role in our daily programming, providing exceptional experiences during day-to-day activities, PD Days (Day Camps), and Seasonal breaks (Spring Break, Summer Break, and Winter Break).


Their commitment ensures that our programs are not only entertaining but also educational and beneficial.


At Cool Aid Society, our stringent standards for working with children and youths include mandatory clean Criminal Record Checks, Venerable Sector Checks, and Child Intervention Record Checks for all individuals, emphasizing the importance of safety and accreditation.


Our Leaders collectively, holding certifications in First Aid, Suicide Prevention Training, Mental Health First Aid, and various qualifications such as Early Learning, Child Care, Physiology, Social Work, Nursing, and equivalents, collaborate weekly with guest speakers, delivering valuable resources to the youth. They actively nurture relationships, practicing daily to ensure engagement and support in every activity, offering mentorship, and more.


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