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Cool Aid Questions


We have tired our best to answer any question we feel families might have about our Facility and Programs. 

You will see below the sections. We have grouped these the best we can by Facility and Program. Please click the corresponding category, or use the magnifying glass to search a specific question. 


If you have any further questions, please use the Let's Chat and Ask!

Questions & Answers.

  • What types of community partnerships does Cool Aid Society have?
    Over the years, we have forged strong partnerships with local businesses, educational institutions, and other Non-Profit organizations. These collaborations have allowed us to expand our reach and enhance the breadth of services offered, ensuring that every youth in the community has access to the resources they need. Our partnerships allow us to ensure that these resources are attainable to the youth and in conjunction with our programming. We hope to assist the youth in developing the tools and communication skills to be able to access relevant support and guidance needed in their lives. For a full list of our current partnerships, please visit our partnership page . Our partnerships include local schools, other youth centers and organizations, mental health clinics, and homeless shelters. Building these community connections is more important than ever in creating the strong foundations that our young generations will need throughout their lives. Together, and only together, can we successfully empower youth to reach their full potential.
  • Who can register for Cool Aid Society's programs?
    Our programming is intended for all school aged youth in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. Typically we have children ages (5) five to (18) eighteen. We have no restrictions to participating and we welcome youth from all cultures, religions, belief structures, orientations, gender identities, and economic backgrounds. Our Youth Centre is not just a facility; it's a symbol of community, unity, and investment in the future.
  • What is the best way to reach you?
    The Cool Aid Society does not have a dedicated receptionist. Both centers have a mobile phone, however, these phones are intended for Youth Leaders to use in the event they need to call a parent, or for parents to coordinate pick up times, etc. These lines are not for general program, administrative, or accounting inquiries. The best way to contact Cool Aid Society is to email us at or to message us directly through our webpage. Alternatively, you can contact our Director at any time at
  • Why do some of our services cost money?
    The Cool Aid Society has undergone many adjustments in the last 40 years. Depending on what funding we're able to secure, we have had to adapt our requirements to assist the families and the youth. Our longstanding presence in the community speaks to the trust and support we've garnered over the years. The youth centre has become a cornerstone of the community, bringing together families, volunteers, and local organizations and partnerships to create a supportive and nurturing environment for all youth. As our services require a lot of support to be able to function we have had challenges in sustainability and had to adapt to ensure that we can remain doing what we do best and that is to fulfill our mission to the community. We are heavily subsidized by grants and donations within the community, however these are only for our after school and evening programming costs and are inline with our missions and commitments to our cause, however these do not cover everything needed for the youth we assist. In the past years, we have found it challenging to meet the needs of the youth and the programming requirements, and have attempted to mitigate costs with registrations and/or memberships. Factors such as post-COVID changes, inflation, increased costs, and a decline in youth engagement, as well as, misunderstandings of our programming and who can access our resources, we have struggled to ensure that we can continue to offer every program that the youths need. Therefore, we have made adjustments to ensure that we can still maintain our missions and commitments to our youth and are offering our programs independent of one another. We offer paid and no cost programming for the best possible outcome for all, and our paid programming has subsidies available. We have been able to create some great partnerships in the latter part of 2023, and with these partnerships, we will be able to strengthen our programs, initiatives, and community engagement. These programs are offered during after school and evenings at no cost. Topics will include educational material and resources to assist youth in an interactive, communicative, and activity-based function, focusing heavily on mental health, healthy lifestyle, stress management, wellness, and career and life management and executed to the youth in a manner appropriate for their ages. There are fees for PD Days, as well as Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks for Full Day programming. Our After School program will still be available during these days and will overlap with our Full Days. Due to the Full Days being a separate program from After School, it is an operational necessity to charge for these days to ensure quality programming is available that the youth will benefit from. We hope to encourage youth to join our After School and evening programs alongside the Full Day programs.
  • Can my youth join if not signed up?
    If there is still room in the course, your youth can join, however will require parent consent. Our programs will be tailored to the youths who sign up for it and may need manual overrides or enrollments.
  • Does Cool Aid Society have paid staff or only volunteers?
    Cool Aid Society has both paid and volunteer staff. While our Youth Leaders receive compensation, other members of our organization contribute their respective skills and time on a voluntary basis. This mix of paid and unpaid staff enables us to provide the best possible outcomes for our youth. It also ensures the sustainability of our organization and the success of our programs. We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of both our paid and volunteer staff in helping to achieve our mission and support the youth in our community.
  • What does The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie do?
    The Cool Aid Society is a charitable organization servicing the youth of Grande Prairie. We provide programming for our youths aged (5) five to (18) eighteen through a variety of engaging, interactive, activity-based programs, that are focused primarily on youth mental health, body positivity, friendship, mentorship, and community connection and engagement. One of the unique aspects of our youth center is the diversity of the programs we offer. From educational initiatives and awareness campaigns on critical issues such as mental health, body positivity, and bullying to recreational activities and skill-building workshops, we strive to create a well-rounded and inclusive space for all youth. We are in the process of improving our abilities as mentors and developing programs that keep our youth engaged. We offer our programs during the afternoons and evenings that include speakers and activities in different interactive and engaging ways. The focus is on building positive connections, fostering healthy conversation, and developing a positive sense of awareness that will promote a healthy transition into young adulthood. Our afterschool care program is offered at no cost and runs Monday through Friday, with special programs in conjunction with our partnerships for (1) hr to (1.5) hrs daily, for youths (5) five to (14) fourteen. Our evening care programs are offered at no cost and runs Monday through Friday with specific dates geared towards Tweens and Teens, and are created to assist these ages navigate their way into adulthood, these programs are for Tweens age (10) ten to (14) fourteen and Teens aged (14) fourteen to (18) eighteen. We encourage our youths to participate and their families to register for our programming. We have paid programming for Professional Development days and Seasonal Breaks (Spring, Summer, Winter) for youths aged (5) five to (14) fourteen and subsidy for these programs upon application. Our commitment goes beyond providing resources exclusively for specific demographics. The youth center is a safe haven for all youth in the Grande Prairie region, irrespective of their background or socio-economic status. Our doors are open to every young individual seeking a supportive environment to learn, grow, and develop. We offer our services to all families! Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive environment through our youth programs to ensure all young people feel valued, supported, and empowered. We feel that establishing community connections and nurturing youth will help them have the tools to grow and form positive mental health and development. We impact our youth and community when young people feel safe and included in their youth programs. They are more likely to grow, thrive, and excel. Together with our affiliates and partnerships in the Grande Prairie region, our hardworking Youth Leaders, our Board of Directors, and, of course, our amazing young people and their families, we collectively empower these youth to make healthy life decisions through guidelines, expectations, friendship, support, mentorship, and community connection.
  • Am I guaranteed spots if I register my child?
    Registration is only for our Organization to ensure that we have the right information, and that we as an organization can adhere to our requirements for your child at the facility. We must adhere to strict rules on how many children are at each facility and a ratio for each Youth Leader to child. NEVER DO DROP OFFS. We will only allow registered and booked youth at the facility. A parent cannot just leave their child to run into our facility without our knowledge and expecting that they will be there. We as an Organization have a requirement and continuity to adhere to and hope that working with our parents/guardians/teens we can ensure the safety of our youths and maintain our requirements. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, and in the case of the Teens, to use the booking service to indicate to us which days your child(ren) will be attending.
  • What is registration?
    Registration is allowing our Organization to have the details of your Child(ren) to ensure that we have all known information and liability waivers to be able to have your child use and access our facility and programs. Registration is not only for our Organization, but to ensure that parents consent to field trips as required by the organizations and facilites that we may visit, including some of our special and funded programming. We do require that all Youths have an annual Registration done, and that if there are changes to any details that parents keep us apprised of the corrections needed, signing revised documentation.
  • Should my registration be in my name or my Child(ren)?
    Registrations and accounts should be in the Parent/Guardians name. Alternatively, for a Teen, it can be in your own name.
  • How do I register multiple youth?
    Registrations and accounts should be in the Parent/Guardians name. When registering, there will be details on how many children you have; we ask that you fill out the paperwork accordingly. Regarding the participants of multiple youth, in the booking section it asks how many participants and names of the youth, this would be where you would outline who will be coming to the program. Please note: The information collected during the registration process is for our records and must be unique to each participant.
  • How do I register my Child?
    All Youths must be registered through the online portal of this website. You must make an account and fill in the appropriate information. We require appropriate consent forms, liability waivers, and other details for all programs, extension programs, and special programming offered at our facilities. In the event there is an issue with our site, we reach out to all new members and have forms that can be accessed through fillable and signable PDFS. As well, we have paper copies available so that we have all details required to assist your youth in anyway. Once you are a member of our website, you can access the booking process and register for programs. We allow registration for programs up to a certain number of classes and months to ensure that our programs are fully accessible. At this time our programs are set in 2 week intervals and will allow registration up until that time for a more drop in basis and to accommodate special programming on account for each age group. We hold additional spaces as our facility and partner facilities can offer more spaces if programs appear full, please note that a waitlist will be available. To register for a program, simply click here: we need a new registration per fiscal year and emails will go out. Once done go ahead and start booking, you will need to create an account, this allows for us to message you and have direct communication with our offices and youth leaders. We encourage that you download Spaces by WIX in the app store and it will auto log you into our website who will let you book. Once you are on the booking app, you may select the program, and then the class in which you will be attending. Only programs that are open for registration will be visible, if it is not visible we may not have space. Programs that are closed for registration will not display, and or will show a waitlist. If issues are met with the registration list: Please see attached PDF Form that can be signed and filled out and emailed to
  • How does the youth center use booking information to meet the basic needs of children and youth?
    The information gathered during the registration process pre-booking allows us to plan for and meet the basic needs of every child, including dietary restrictions, medical considerations, and any other special requirements. This ensures that each child receives the care and attention they deserve.
  • The calendar says a center is fully booked, can my youth still attend?
    We have requirements for Ratio of Children. Our Facility has space for a certain number of youth per day, this is for both the safety of the Children and Youth and the capacity of our facilities. If a center is showing as fully booked on the calendar, your Child will not be able to attend. If you are late, or do not show up within 15 minutes of opening, your spot will be given to the waitlist. PLEASE NOTE: After 15 minutes, any unclaimed spots will go out on a first come first served basis.
  • How do I book for multiple services?
    Multiple services can be done, in either many days at a time, however we have limited how many spaces can be booked in advance and have a waitlist to ensure that if we need to plan for additional need in the community we're prepared to do so. It is required that you book for multiple spots, specifically for PD Days, the Afterschool care program is a completely separate program from the PD days and is required to be booked if your Child is staying past 4 pm. Similarly it is required that you book early care on those days if your child is being dropped off earlier than 8 am, please note that Schools Out PD Days and Schools out Breaks are paid programming and must be paid in order to be reserved.
  • How can I book a space or activity at the youth center?
    You need to first become a member of the site and ensure that you have the registration filled out on Account. You can easily book a space or activity at the youth center through our online booking system. Simply log in, choose the desired date and time, and select the available space or activity you want to book. We require 1 registration per child, a family that has multiple children require to have more than 1 profile. Once you are a member, the Programs will appear as tabs on the top of the page, any available classes and spots will appear below allowing you to book your spot. To ensure that the proper ratio of Adult to Children are achieved, your spots are limited to the youth leaders at the site. You will see classes, and we ask that you register your child to the first class you see, as the classes fill, only what is available will remain.
  • I thought you were a drop in facility? Why do I need to Book?
    While we do offer drop in programs, it is impossible for us to operate successfully if we're not able to staff accordingly and maintain organization for programming and safety of the youths in our care. Booking is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and well-being of every child and youth in our program. It allows us to maintain proper staffing levels, adhere to staff ratio requirements, and meet operational needs to provide the best care possible. Booking helps us ensure that we meet safety and security requirements, including proper staffing levels, age-appropriate activities, and emergency protocols. This meticulous planning guarantees that every child is cared for and accounted for at all times.
  • My child is Grade 7, can they join the youth and teen programs?
    No, youth in Grade 7 have the opportunity to register for either the youth after school and summer programs or the teen program. Due to the age, it is encouraged that one or the other be chosen, however they cannot register for and attend both.
  • Why does a youth center need a booking system?
    The booking system is essential to efficiently manage and organize various activities and events at the youth center. It helps in avoiding conflicts, ensures proper resource allocation, and provides a seamless experience for both staff and visitors.
  • Does booking in my Child guarantee them a spot for that day?
    Yes! It is mandatory that all Children be booked into the Youth Centre using the Website or the App that can be found in apple or google app store. The website is more comprehensive then the app, but both will work. When you book your Youth into a spot, that is immediately reserved for them. In the event that there is an overlap in programming ie: PD Days or Schools out Weeks, you must also book in Before care or the afterschool and evening spots.
  • How far in advance can I make a booking?
    The booking system allows you to make reservations within a specified timeframe. Check the system for the booking window and ensure you plan ahead to secure your desired date and time. As listed in our general information we do allow for booking up to (3) three months in advance for some of our programs as they are contingent on educational programs and partner requirements.
  • Do I have to use the booking service?
    Yes. It is imperative that this be used. At this time the Booking service allows for us to monitor how many youth are at the facility, how they arrived at the facility, and to ensure if there is any issue we are able to mitigate this for the youth and the families. We require a certain ratio of adults to youth in different age groups and for outings. By utilizing the app, we're able to ensure that we're compliant and that we're aware of the amount of Children and Youth who will be attending. We have booking for reserved and guaranteed spots with booking in advance for limited spaces as well as Drop-In for same day. Both require the booking function.
  • How can families apply for subsidy assistance?
    To apply for subsidy assistance, please visit our application page. We believe in making our programs accessible to all, and our donation programs aim to support families who may face financial challenges.
  • Is the youth center open for bookings on weekends and holidays?
    At this time we're not open Weekends or Holidays. We however may have specific classes required, please check the booking system for the most up-to-date information on the youth center's operating hours and availability on special days.
  • Does it matter what Youth Leader I book my child under?
    No, it doesn't. When you go to book your child in for a program day(s), it will give you the option to select 'Youth Leader 1', 'Youth Leader 2', and so on. The purpose of these categories is to ensure that we are maintaining the proper staff to youth ratio based on the approved guidelines, therefore, you may select any Youth Leader that is available to book your child under.
  • Are there any fees associated with booking at the youth center?
    The fee structure for booking spaces or activities may vary. Please refer to the youth center's pricing page or contact the staff for detailed information on any associated fees. The majority of our programs are at no cost, however as listed in our General Information, we do have some programs that we charge for in order to facilitate the needs of our organization.
  • How does the youth center manage staffing requirements through the booking system?
    The booking system plays a crucial role in helping us anticipate and meet staffing needs. It allows us to schedule staff based on the number and ages of children attending, ensuring we maintain the required staff-to-child ratios for a safe and enjoyable experience
  • How does the youth center use booking information to meet the basic needs of children and youth?
    The information gathered during the booking process allows us to plan for and meet the basic needs of every child, including dietary restrictions, medical considerations, and any other special requirements. This ensures that each child receives the care and attention they deserve.
  • How is the After School Program funded?
    We are delighted to offer the After School Program in collaboration with specific funders at no cost to the youth who have registered and are utilizing our program. For more details about the organizations supporting this program, please visit our funding page to learn more about these valuable partnerships.
  • What are the program times for the After School Program?
    The program runs after school hours, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on weekdays, providing a structured and engaging environment for children during this time.
  • What is the age group for the After School Program?
    The After School Program is designed for children in grades 1-7, with ages ranging from 5 to 13/14. It's important to note that all children ages 5 must be capable of using bathroom facilities independently.
  • What is the Afterschool Program?
    In the past, there has been a misconception of our mission that has created a stigma and an issue for us. The afterschool program provided by Cool Aid Society is designed to support younger age groups by providing a safe and stimulating environment for socializing, learning, and growing, while ensuring that we can give the younger youth tools and development to help with mental health and well-being in their age group. Please note this is not a "day care" it is meant to be a program that is offered afterschool that is innovative and fun, with crafts, and activities that are focused on inclusivity of the mental health initiative. Our focus is set on the youth. The Youth Leaders at our centre work on assisting them with: Academic support, conversation, health and wellness, life skill development, and positive social interaction. During the programs, Cool Aid emphasizes the importance of social and emotional skills development, as well as academic and vocational skills. The program features a range of interactive activities, including sports, arts and crafts, and homework help. Cool Aid Society seeks to foster a sense of belonging among program participants, helping them build self-esteem and develop life skills they will carry throughout their adolescent and adult years. We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where children and youth can thrive, grow and be inspired. We help young people learn important life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making so that they can better navigate the challenges of adolescence and early adulthood. In addition, we provide opportunities for young people to explore their interests and develop their talents through creative arts, sports, and other recreational activities. This program is available to children and youth from 5 to 13/14 typically in Grades 1 to 7 and it runs from 3 pm to 6 pm on weekdays during school terms.
  • What should children bring to the After School Program?
    As the children will be coming afterschool, it is encouraged that Parents/ Guardians pack extra snacks and a water bottle for the duration of the After School Program. Having these items helps ensure the well-being and comfort of the participants. We ask that youth have indoor shoes as well as change of clothes along with ensuring that your child is dressed for the Season: Seasonal clothing required : ie: Winter Clothes (mittens, hats etc.), dressing in layers, Summer Clothes and rain clothes, and dressing in layers when appropriate. We do outings, and during these outings and it is imperative that your child be prepared. Extra clothes, accidents happen from younger children in the program to an outside day of play and fun in either water or snow, please pack a change of clothes for your child(ren), we cannot keep clothes on hand for youths, we do sometimes have access to clothing in an emergency, however we do ask that you pack for your child.
  • How can my child(ren) get to Cool Aid? Bus? Walk? Other
    At this time Cool Aid Society does not and cannot facilitate any bussing for your Child(ren) from their school to our society. Logistically speaking the buses are already being utilized by the different school divisions and timing wise and locations we're not able to facilitate a bus at this time. While we continue to work on a solution for more direct accessing to our Afterschool Program, we do however have suggestions.: You, or one of your authorized guardians can drop off your youth at the facility If your child is within a 3 block radius of our facility and is Grade 2 or older, with parental consent form signed, your child can walk to facility. You can arrange with your school and the bus to have an alternate drop off location be 9645 Prairie Road. With both Option 2 and 3 we can coordinate a Youth Leader to meet child(ren) at specific stops for walking back to the facility. Please note that if your child is walking, weather measures and safety are a requirement of you as the Parent/Guardian, and it is required that on any extreme cold or hot days this youth has a ride to the facility.
  • What should Tweens bring to the program?
    Parents are encouraged to pack extra snacks and a water bottle for their children attending the Tween Program. Ensuring they have these essentials helps make their experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Can Tweens participate in the Afterschool Program?
    Yes, Tweens have the option to participate in the Afterschool Program as well. It's important to note that registration for the Afterschool Program is separate from the regular Tween Program.
  • How is the Tween Program funded?
    We're thrilled to offer the Tween Program in collaboration with specific funders, and with initiatives developed by Cool Aid and its partner programs. We are thrilled to offer no-cost programs with these partnerships and focus on lifestyle and mental health as we know that this affects all youth and establishing positive ways in dealing with these as a teen will benefit them for years to come. For more details about the organizations that support this program, please visit our funding page to learn more about these valuable partnerships.
  • What is the age group for the Tween Program?
    The Tween Program is designed for students in grades 5 to 7, aged between 10/11 and 13/14.
  • What are the program timings for Tweens?
    The Tween Program runs: Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Wednesdays involve joint programming with Tweens during the same time, this is offered in collaboration with our partners and will address weekly programs that will allow our Tweens and Teens to learn life skills and get accreditations and possible volunteer positions or networking opportunities, depending on time of year and new projects the theme and program varies. Thursdays offer special programming from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, providing a unique focus on particular themes or activities.
  • What does the Teen program offer?
    Our Teen program provides a safe and inclusive space for teens on Mondays, Wednesdays (with Tweens), Fridays, and special programming on Thursdays. Running from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the program focuses on guided activities that promote positive relationships, work connections, body positivity, and mental health initiatives. Teens engage in fun and engaging activities such as guest speaker sessions, tasks, learning opportunities, field trips, and volunteer experiences. We've also partnered with amazing individuals who offer educational presentations and workshops that contribute to college accreditations and more.
  • How can my teen benefit from the program?
    Teens participating in our program can benefit from a unique approach to personal development. As outlined in our other materials, The Cool Aid Society is consistently growing and evolving our programs and takes a unique approach to every aspect of our youth center. The program offers opportunities for skill-building, exposure to diverse experiences, and connections with positive role models. With a focus on mental health, body positivity, and educational initiatives, we strive to empower teens to make informed and positive choices in their lives at a level in which they can relate.
  • What is the structure of the program?
    The program is split into sessions throughout the week. Mondays and Fridays are dedicated to teen activities from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. On Monday's we have a more "hang out" base structure. Wednesdays involve joint programming with Tweens during the same time, this is offered in collaboration with our partners and will address weekly programs that will allow our Tweens and Teens to learn life skills and get accreditations and possible volunteer positions or networking opportunities, depending on time of year and new projects the theme and program varies. Thursdays offer special programming from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, providing a unique focus on particular themes or activities. Fridays involve a more age appropriate to the 14-18 years targeted with the same program offered on Wednesday but in a an older group setting. All of our days include both fun and engaging information and activities that we hope will assist our youth with information, knowledge, communication, and resources to be successful as they grow. Our partners and development of these programs are very thorough, hands-on, engaging, and fun!
  • How is the Teen program funded?
    We are delighted to offer this program in partnership with other organizations and specific funders. We are thrilled to offer no-cost programs with these partnerships and focus on lifestyle and mental health as we know that this affects all youth. We work on teaching teens how to establish positive ways in dealing with these as they will benefit from them for years to come. For more details on our funding partners, please visit our About Us page to learn more about the organizations that support and make these enriching experiences possible for our teens.
  • How does the program support positive youth development?
    All of our programs are designed to foster positive peer-to-peer relationships, provide healthy adult mentorship, and establish meaningful community connections. Through guided activities and a diverse range of engagements, we aim to encourage healthy life decisions, build essential life skills, and create a supportive environment for personal growth.
  • Can I drop my child off at Cool Aid Society's afterschool program without scheduling ahead of time?
    Cool Aid Society's afterschool program offers a drop-in option for our Afterschool, Tween, and Teen services. We understand the need for flexibility, but please note that there is limited space available for drop-ins. We recommend scheduling ahead of time to ensure your child has a spot reserved. However, we recognize that last-minute changes can happen and the drop-in option is available for same-day use if space is available. Please note that drop-in availability cannot be guaranteed, and we advise calling ahead to check availability before arriving. For other services, we recommend booking in advance to ensure availability, this also has a stricter cancellation policy for waitlist options for families. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to serving you and your child.
  • Why is it not for PD Days or Seasonal Breaks?
    While we would love to run this as drop-in options, from a logistic standpoint, it is impossible to book our field trips, activities, and outings while ensuring that we have the necessary safety protocols and adult-to-child ratios in place. As a result, we kindly ask that all PD Days and Seasonal breaks be booked and paid prior to the date. This ensures that we have the appropriate staff and resources available to create safe and engaging experiences for your child. If you have any issues with booking or payments, please feel free to email us for assistance. email: Additionally, we encourage you to review our website for upcoming events and activities. Thank you for your cooperation in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.
  • What is the Drop In?
    This Drop-In Service is designed to assist families in need, with limited participant slots available due to space and adult-to-child ratio requirements. While it operates on a same-day basis, there's a chance of reaching capacity, leading to the potential need to turn away individuals. To better manage attendance, we encourage booking in advance; however, please note that booking doesn't guarantee a spot, allowing flexibility for attendance changes.
  • Can we do drop-ins for field trips or outings with Cool Aid Society?
    No, Cool Aid Society cannot do drop-ins for field trips or outings. This is due to logistic and operational reasons, including the necessary youth to adult ratio, planning of the event, and the costs incurred in paying or prepaying for the events. Any youth that wants to participate in an outing must book through the booking app or have their parent or guardian do so. This ensures the safety and security of all participants and helps to guarantee that all necessary arrangements are made. Cool Aid Society values the safety and well-being of all youth and strives to provide engaging and enriching experiences for all who participate in their programs.
  • Why is Schools Out PD Days and Seasonal Breaks Paid programming rather than at no cost like the other programs?
    Currently, these programs are not linked with any external funding. They are provided at a cost to cover the expenses associated with organizing enriching and engaging activities during the school breaks. Schools Out PD Days and Seasonal Breaks are paid programs because it offers a more extensive and diverse range of services compared to the other programs. It is a comprehensive program that caters to a wide range of age groups (5) five to (14) fourteen, providing innovative and engaging activities that strengthen social bonds, improve academic skills, and cultivate positive self-image. In the periods in which these are offered, our other programming is still running which are all linked to funded contracts and programming requirements. Schools Out PD Days and Seasonal Break fees help cover the expenses for our trained staff, facilities, program costs, equipment and more to be able to offer a safe and secure environment for the participants. Our Schools Out PD program and Seasonal Break program are allocated in a paid service. The programs have discounted rates for families who need assistance and can be done through our subsidy page or by contacting At Cool Aid Society, we believe that investing in our community's youth is essential in creating an empowering and thriving society. We want to ensure that we offer the best possible programming and resources for our clients, and a paid model allows us to achieve that goal.
  • What if my child doesn't want to participate in an activity included in a break organized by Cool Aid Society?
    At Cool Aid Society, we strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all children and youth and do our best to ensure that both the child and the parent/guardians wishes are adhered to. If your child does not want to participate in a particular activity, we will do our best to accommodate their needs and preferences, however we do require Parent/Guardian involvement, hence why registration and booking is important so we're aware of families needs and requirements. Please communicate your concerns with our staff, and we will work together to provide an alternative activity or option that aligns with your child's interests and comfort level. Our goal is to ensure that all participants feel valued and supported during our programs and activities. Unfortunately, when it is in regards to our other programs, we do have initiatives as to why our Organization is in operations, and participation in our programs, afterschool, tween, teen, is primarily focused on mental health awareness and health and wellness and do so in engaging, innovative, and activity based learning, along with providing friendship, support, mentorship, ideas, skills, and community connection. As this is our mission and objective, if participating in these programs, we cannot remove your youth from this program, as our leaders are required to attend and we have speakers or other partners leading these events. We will always ensure families know the talking points and programs launching on those days, and ensure that we are with the children and assist in any way we can.
  • What School Break programs are available for children?
    We offer programs for Professional Development days where children are off school as well as Seasonal Breaks for; Spring Break, Summer Month Breaks, and Winter Break. Details for each program will be provided in the calendar as these are typically themed and will be specifying the activities and schedule for the respective breaks. Please note that these are weekly programs, and cannot be booked day by day, it is a full week and is paid programming.
  • Is financial assistance available for families in need?
    Yes, we understand that some families may require assistance. If you need subsidy support for the school break programs, please visit our application page. We have donation programs in place to help families who may need financial assistance to participate in this program.
  • What is the age group for the Schools Out Program?
    The Schools Out Program is designed for children in grades 1-7, with ages ranging from 5 to 13/14. It is important that the child is able to be independent in every ability, and it is required that your 5 year old either be in Kindergarten or Grade 1 September of the school year. Example: The school year runs September of the prior year to June of the following year. Your child must be in Kindergarten in September going into Grade 1 to qualify for Summer programming. It's important to note that all children ages 5 must be capable of using bathroom facilities independently.
  • How can families apply for subsidy assistance?
    To apply for subsidy assistance, please visit our application page. We believe in making our programs accessible to all, and our donation programs aim to support families who may face financial challenges.
  • What should children bring to the school break programs?
    Parents are advised to ensure that their children pack as though it was a school day. We require them to have: Lunch box with full lunch, drinks and snacks It is encouraged that they pack extra snacks and a water bottle for the duration of the school break programs. Seasonal clothing required : ie: Winter Clothes (mittens, hats etc.), dressing in layers, Summer Clothes and rain clothes, dressing in layers. We do outings and field trips during these outings and it is imperative that your child be prepared. Extra clothes, accidents happen from younger children in the program to an outside day of play and fun in either water or snow, please pack a change of clothes for your child(ren), we cannot keep clothes on hand for youths, we do sometimes have access to clothing in an emergency, however we do ask that you pack for your child Indoor shoes Each Break will include a theme and field trips. The details of this will be provided to you at booking along with confirmation of your booking, you will receive a waiver and permission sheet that will include a list of any other items your child(ren) may need. Having these essentials will help make the experience more enjoyable for the participants.
  • Parent Handbook
    Please check back at a later date for an updated copy of our Parent Handbook.
  • How is technology used in programs, and what safeguards are in place?
    Technology Usage in Programs: At our youth center, we recognize the significance of technology in the lives of today's youth. As part of our commitment to offering diverse and engaging programs, we provide access to a range of technological resources, including TVs with streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, as well as gaming systems, Laptops, and of course even if your youth does not have a cell phone, another youth (peer) may. Controlled and Monitored Usage: While these technological amenities are available, their usage is carefully controlled and monitored by our dedicated Youth Leaders and on-site managers. Our goal is to strike a balance between incorporating technology into activities and fostering face-to-face interactions. These resources are utilized during designated times for specific activities, ensuring that they complement our broader program offerings. Peer Engagement and Communication: We actively encourage peer involvement and communication among our youth. While we acknowledge and appreciate parental preferences regarding technology use, it's important to note that complete individual monitoring may not always be feasible due to the collaborative and interactive nature of our programs. However, our team is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful environment where peer engagement remains a key focus. Safety Measures for Technology: Monitoring by Youth Leaders and Managers: Our Youth Leaders and on-site managers consistently supervise the use of technology, ensuring that content is appropriate and aligns with our center's values. Parental Controls: All devices, including gaming systems, computers, and laptops, are equipped with robust parental controls. These measures help restrict access to inappropriate content and maintain a safe online environment. Designated Usage Times: Technology usage is scheduled during specific times as part of structured activities. This approach ensures a balanced integration of technology within the overall program. Educational and Homework Support: In addition to entertainment-focused technology, we provide access to computers and laptops that youth can use for educational purposes, including homework and research. These devices are equipped with parental controls, and our Youth Leaders are readily available to assist with any academic-related queries. Constant Review and Improvement: Our commitment to responsible and safe technology usage is an ongoing process. We conduct regular reviews of our policies and update safeguards to align with the evolving landscape of technology and youth engagement. By incorporating technology into our programs thoughtfully and responsibly, we aim to provide a well-rounded and engaging experience for our youth while maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. Safe Online Practices and Mental Health and Addiction Initiatives: To further enhance the well-being of our youth, we conduct programs dedicated to safe online practices, gaming awareness, and social media literacy. These initiatives are seamlessly integrated into our broader mental health programs, fostering a holistic approach to supporting the mental and emotional development of our participants. We believe that promoting awareness in the digital realm contributes to a positive and informed mindset among our youth.
  • How does the program address children's dietary restrictions or allergies, particularly from a medical perspective?
    Ensuring the health and safety of every child is paramount. Parents are crucial in providing information about any dietary restrictions or allergies during the registration process. Our staff, well-versed in medical protocols, is extensively trained to accommodate these needs. Rigorous measures are in place to uphold the safety and well-being of all participants, emphasizing the serious consideration given to medical and dietary concerns.
  • What procedures are in place to address and accommodate health concerns or specific needs that children may have?
    Rigorous protocols are established to address and accommodate any health concerns or specific needs children may have. Parents are encouraged to communicate relevant information during the registration process, allowing our highly trained staff to implement appropriate measures and provide necessary support. The safety and health of our participants are paramount, and we are committed to fostering an environment that prioritizes their well-being. The youth center takes a proactive approach to addressing medical conditions, recognizing the importance of ensuring the well-being of every child in our programs. It is crucial that we have honest communication from parents as it allows us to create an all-inclusive environment that caters to the unique needs of each youth. By sharing information about medical conditions from restrictions, to requirement and administering medicine to, mental health, ADHD, or Autism, we can implement tailored strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes for all participants. No detail is too small and we need that information in our Registration Forms.
  • Youths Age 5-14- Discipline Program
    At our youth center, where we cater to children aged 5-14, we recognize the unique challenges that may arise in our Afterschool Program and our Pre-Teen (Tween) Program due to the overlapping curriculum and activities. To address these concerns effectively, we have implemented a thoughtful approach by splitting the age group into two segments: 5-10 years of age and 10-14 years of age. This division allows us to tailor our discipline and corrective action plans more appropriately, ensuring that the developmental needs and processing capabilities of each age group are considered. Our commitment to providing a nurturing Montessori-inspired learning environment remains unwavering. We place a strong emphasis on positive behavior, emotional regulation, and open communication. In the event of behavioral concerns, our staff initiates discussions with the child to delve into the underlying emotions or reasons for their behavior. This proactive approach aligns with the Montessori philosophy, addressing the 'whole child' and considering emotional well-being alongside academic and social development. Parents or guardians are integral partners in our approach. Actively involved from the early stages of addressing behavioral concerns, they contribute to a collaborative effort between our center and families. This partnership may involve accessing community resources, seeking professional advice, or implementing strategies to support the child in their emotional and social development. Our ultimate goal is to create a harmonious and engaging learning environment where each child can flourish emotionally, socially, and academically. While we uphold a gentle and understanding approach, we maintain firm boundaries to ensure the well-being and positive experience of all participants within our community. Additionally, our center has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying or discriminatory conduct based on race, color, gender, or ethnicity. This policy extends to preventing and promptly addressing any behaviors that undermine the well-being and harmony of our community. We understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for all, and we are committed to adapting our programs to meet the evolving needs of our diverse participants. Please see our below Q&A regarding how our processes would be handled re Behavioral Concerns and Zero-Tolerance Policy Q: How does the youth center address behavioral concerns in the Afterschool Program and Pre-Teen (Tween) Program? A: We approach behavioral concerns through progressive discussions. Our staff engages in open conversations with the child involved, seeking to understand the underlying emotions or reasons behind their actions. This process aligns with our commitment to the Montessori philosophy, addressing the 'whole child,' including emotional well-being alongside academic and social development. Q: How are parents or guardians involved in the resolution process of behavioral concerns? A: Parents or guardians are integral partners in our approach. From the early stages of addressing concerns, we actively involve them in discussions and decisions. This collaborative effort ensures a strong partnership between our center and families, allowing parents to contribute to solutions and strategies that support their child's emotional and social development. Q: What steps are taken if behavioral concerns persist? A: If concerns persist, our staff, parents, and child collaborate to explore additional strategies and support. This may involve accessing community resources, seeking professional advice, or implementing targeted interventions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and tailored support to address the unique needs of each child. Q: How does the youth center handle bullying incidents? A: We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying or discriminatory conduct. In the event of a bullying incident, we initiate discussions with the child involved, emphasizing the impact of their actions. Parents are immediately brought into the conversation to collectively address the issue and develop strategies for behavior modification. Q: What measures are taken in cases where suspension is deemed necessary? A: Suspension is a last resort, considered only when all other interventions have been exhausted. A joint meeting is convened with the child, parents, and relevant staff members to discuss the severity of the situation. During this meeting, the reasons for suspension are communicated, and alternative solutions or interventions are explored. The ultimate aim is to foster a positive change in behavior. Q: Is there a possibility of permanent expulsion from the program? A: In cases of severe or repeated bullying, permanent expulsion from the program may be considered. This decision is made with utmost care and after exhausting all available interventions. A joint meeting with parents is conducted to discuss the reasons for expulsion, ensuring transparency and providing an opportunity for dialogue. Q: How does the youth center support reintegration after suspension or expulsion? A: Reintegration is approached with a focus on positive behavioral change. After a suspension period, a re-entry plan is developed collaboratively with the child, parents, and staff. Additional support measures may be implemented to facilitate a smooth transition back into the program, emphasizing the importance of positive interactions and learning from past experiences.
  • What is the process for storing belongings and for handling lost items or belongings?
    Handling Lost Items or Belongings: At our youth center, we understand that personal belongings hold significant value, and we are committed to ensuring the safety of both our youth and their possessions. We encourage youth to bring locks for the lockers provided, fostering a sense of ownership and security. Trust and Security: Our facility operates on a foundation of trust with all individuals who use our space. While we believe in the importance of peer engagement and mutual respect, we also prioritize the safety and security of everyone in our community. To uphold this commitment, our facility is equipped with engaged camera systems throughout various areas. Lost and Found Procedures: In the event that a personal item is misplaced or left behind, our staff diligently manages a comprehensive Lost and Found system. Here's an overview of our procedures: Notification: If a youth realizes they have lost an item, we encourage them to inform a staff member immediately. Search and Retrieval: Our staff will conduct a thorough search of the areas the youth may have visited, checking common spaces and designated lost and found locations. Communication: If the item is not immediately found, we will communicate with the youth and parents to gather additional information about when and where the item was last seen. Lost and Found Area: All found items are cataloged and stored in a designated Lost and Found area within our facility. This area is regularly monitored, and items are kept securely. We also do most these monthly for people to collect and per quarter anything not claimed is donated. Claiming Lost Items: Youth or parents can visit the Lost and Found area during operating hours to claim lost items. Proper identification or a detailed description of the item may be required to ensure accurate retrieval. Communication Through Cameras: In situations where a lost item is not immediately identified, our engaged camera systems can be utilized to review footage and trace the steps of the youth to locate the missing item. Preventive Measures: We actively encourage the use of locks on lockers and emphasize the importance of keeping personal belongings secure. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of lost items. Our commitment is to provide a safe and secure environment for all, and our Lost and Found procedures are designed to facilitate the prompt recovery of misplaced belongings. We appreciate the trust placed in us by our community and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security and accountability.
  • Can parents trust that their child is being taken care of during their time at the youth center?
    Yes, you can trust that your child is in good hands at our youth center. The safety and well-being of every child are our top priorities. Our dedicated staff undergoes training to provide a secure and nurturing environment. With registration and utilization of our booking system, this allows us to plan and allocate resources effectively, ensuring that every child receives the attention and care they deserve. We adhere to strict safety protocols, maintain appropriate staff-to-child ratios, and collect essential information to meet the unique needs of each child. We understand the responsibility we have, and we are committed to creating a positive and enriching experience for every participant in our program. Your child's safety and happiness are at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Pre-Teen (Tween) and Teen-Discipline Program
    At our youth center, we are dedicated to fostering positive change, interactive learning, peer engagement, and mental health awareness. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space for all participants, encouraging personal growth and development. While our programs are designed to empower youths to thrive, we recognize the importance of maintaining a disciplined and respectful environment. Our discipline program is a structured approach that begins with open discussions about issues and behaviors with pre-teens and teens in our programs. This proactive step is followed by joint meetings involving parents or guardians to ensure a collaborative approach to resolution. We prioritize coming to amicable solutions, understanding that the main goal is the youth's ability to grow, change, and prosper. However, we uphold a strict stance against bad behavior, bullying, or any discriminatory conduct based on race, color, gender, or ethnicity. Our commitment to a safe environment is unwavering, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, smoking, and vaping. This approach ensures that all participants can fully engage in our programs, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a community that prioritizes their well-being and positive development. Please see below how we would deal with some of the larger issues that Pre-Teen and Teens face: Q: How does the youth center address issues related to smoking, vaping, drinking, or drugs on-site, especially concerning older teens? A: The youth center maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding smoking, vaping, drinking, or drug use on-site, particularly for older teens. Our priority is to create a safe and healthy environment for all participants. Q: What measures are in place to prevent such incidents? A: Our staff is trained to be vigilant and proactive in preventing incidents related to substance use. We conduct regular checks of the premises and closely monitor participant behavior to ensure a substance-free environment. We also have peer engagement which is important for our pre-teens and teens to know how to communicate, and to assist their peers in making the right decisions. We often have peers reach out first to their friends and other youths, and if that does not make a difference reach out to our Youth Leaders to assist. Our goal is to assist the youths when needed and will arrange for our other programs related to Addiction and Mental Health as well as resources or others. As a community we can help, no one is in it alone, and we understand that our youths need this help and intervention. Q: How is the zero-tolerance policy communicated to the participants? A: The zero-tolerance policy is clearly communicated to all participants during program orientation. It is reiterated regularly through signage, verbal reminders, and written materials to ensure everyone is aware of the strict consequences for violating this policy. Q: What are the consequences for participants found violating the zero-tolerance policy? A: Any participant found engaging in smoking, vaping, drinking, or drug use on-site will face immediate suspension from the program and the facility. We take a firm stance on enforcing consequences to maintain a safe and respectful space for all participants. Q: Is there a possibility of re-entry after suspension, and what conditions must be met? A: Re-entry after suspension is contingent upon a thorough review of the incident and the participant's commitment to adhering to the center's rules. Conditions for re-entry may include attending counseling or educational sessions related to substance use and demonstrating a genuine commitment to positive behavior. Depending on the age of the pre-teen, teen and their circumstances we will be required to have a parent or guardian notified and will assist with all meetings with the youth and families, offer resources, and ensure that the youth has the help, counselling and details to make informed decisions and we pledge to ensure that the family has the resources to assist. Q: How does the youth center support participants in making positive choices? A: Our programs include educational components focused on making positive life choices, including discussions about the dangers of substance use. We strive to create a supportive and educational environment that empowers participants to make informed decisions. Q: What role do parents play in addressing substance-related issues with their teenagers? A: Open communication with parents is crucial. In the event of a substance-related incident, parents will be promptly notified, and their involvement in addressing the issue is highly encouraged. Collaborative efforts between parents and the youth center are essential for effective resolution. Q: How does the youth center ensure a positive and healthy atmosphere for all participants? A: Beyond the zero-tolerance policy, our staff is dedicated to fostering a positive and healthy atmosphere through mentorship, educational initiatives, and community engagement. We continuously strive to create an environment that encourages personal growth, responsibility, and respect for others.
  • What is the ratio of staff to children during programs?
    We maintain a low staff-to-child ratio to provide individualized attention and ensure a safe and supportive environment. The specific ratio may vary depending on the nature of the program. This is also why we ask that our Booking Site be used to ensure that we have control over the number of youths coming to the facility as well as being able to use these numbers for our funding initiatives and to schedule all out of facility activities.
  • How do you handle emergencies or crisis situations?
    Our staff is trained to handle emergencies and crisis situations. We have established protocols for evacuation, first aid, and crisis response. Regular drills are conducted to ensure everyone is familiar with these procedures
  • Are there opportunities for parents to get involved or volunteer in the programs?
    Yes, we actively encourage parent involvement and volunteer participation. Whether assisting with activities, chaperoning events, or contributing ideas, your engagement is valued and welcomed. We have Parent Q&A nights monthly to discuss the upcoming months topics, curriculum, requirements for donation and more. We would gladly accept any parent that is willing to assist, however all staff and volunteers for our Organization do need to go through a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check along with Youth Intervention Check. We do require these prior to allowing volunteer engagement.
  • Can I visit the youth center to observe the programs?
    Absolutely! We encourage parents to visit and observe our programs. However, advance notice is appreciated to ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing activities. We also offer monthly Q&A where parents and youths have he opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns, and to discuss the coming months activities, topics and more.
  • How are the staff members trained in interacting with children and handling sensitive topics?
    We're a Youth Organization that is primarily involved in mentoring youths. This includes some "uncharted" waters for some youths, and why we offer partnerships, resources, and information targeted at the youths per their ages. We often are discussing mental health and wellness initiatives that occasionally are sensitive in nature and we do our absolute best to ensure that each youth is heard, and that we have trained and accredited individuals on site to assist any youth or families in need. Our staff undergoes comprehensive training that includes child development, effective communication, and sensitivity to diverse needs. For programs addressing sensitive topics, additional training is provided to ensure appropriate and empathetic communication. We offer many resources for youth and their families and if anyone requires more information we encourage them to join our Parent Q&A nights or email .
  • What measures are in place to ensure the safety of youth?
    The youth center follows strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all users. These measures include security personnel, emergency procedures, and guidelines for the responsible use of facilities. Please see our Parent Handbook for full details. You can contact our facility at any time for immediate questions or concerns:
  • How are age-appropriate activities ensured in the programs?
    We have customized programs for different age groups (5-14, 10-14, and 14-18) to ensure age-appropriate content and activities. Our experienced team tailors activities to meet the developmental needs of each group. Our Programming for No-Cost Afterschool and Evening for Pre-Teen and Teen are in line with Mental Health Initiatives and wellness and mandatory participation in these are required to attend our facility. We encourage parent participation in all aspects and have monthly Q&A to ensure that all topics are discussed and that parents can voice their questions, concerns, or receive assistance and resources.
  • What safety measures are in place to ensure my child's well-being in your youth programs?
    Our programs adhere to strict safety protocols. We maintain a secure youth center with controlled access, thorough background checks for all staff and volunteers, and regular safety drills to ensure preparedness for various situations. We also offer consistent Parent Q&A Monthly to ensure that Parents are aware of all upcoming requirements, programs, topics, and drills so that as a community we can better ensure that our youth understand everything that will be occurring in the upcoming month. It is encouraged that you attend and feel free to bring your Child(ren)
  • How is communication maintained between staff and parents?
    We prioritize transparent communication with parents. Regular updates, newsletters, and a designated point of contact are established to keep parents informed about program activities, changes, and any incidents that may occur. Open lines of communication are encouraged for any concerns or feedback. We ask that most communication be done here on our website as we keep the backup required on the site for our Youth Leaders to be able to access.
  • Are there specific protocols for dealing with bullying or conflicts among the children?
    Yes, we have clear protocols in place for addressing conflicts or bullying. We have strict anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies in place. Our staff is trained to create an inclusive environment, and we actively promote positive interactions among participants. Bullying and exclusion are not tolerated at Cool Aid. PERIOD. Our entire initiative is built around allowing and mentoring the youth to communicate, and foster relationships and peer engagement while ensuring each youth has "tool box" of sorts to better engage and assist themselves. Our staff is trained to intervene promptly, providing guidance and support to resolve issues in a positive manner. Communication with parents is a priority in such situations. Please see Discipline Policy for age groups, and more details in our Parent Handbook.
  • How are children grouped in the programs?
    Children are grouped based on their age to ensure age-appropriate content and activities. This grouping helps create a supportive and engaging environment where children can interact with peers at similar developmental stages. At time of booking youths are booked into Youth Groups of 10, and in some cases 15 based on age requirements or outing requirements, at check-in, youths will be moved to other groups if required. This is often preformed for PD days to ensure that all youths have the best days they can. For some of our evening programs, we will discuss with the youth or the parents if we feel that a youth should or should not partake in some of the programming due to content or any concerns we may have.
  • How does the youth center address medical conditions?
    The youth center takes a proactive approach to addressing medical conditions, recognizing the importance of ensuring the well-being of every child in our programs.
  • What is included in my Rental?
    You're renting the space inside and out weather depending, this includes access to our affixed items, couches, chairs, video game systems, board games. You're able to use full kitchen, multiple washrooms, dinning tables and chairs, movie room, and lounge room, outside deck, and with proper liability clearances firepit. More details required for additional items that can be rented at additional cost include: * Laser Tag for 12- people * Bouncy Castles * Other Game systems Please inquire.
  • What does the money go to for renting the space for a birthday or Event?
    When you choose to rent the space for a birthday at Cool Aid Society, your payment goes beyond the event itself. Every penny from our facility bookings goes directly to our Subsidy Program, supporting PD-Day Camps and Schools Out Spring and Summer programs. By renting our space, you are not only hosting a memorable party but also championing a cause that benefits youth in our community. Your support helps us provide essential programs and activities to children and young people, ensuring that they have access to enriching experiences and opportunities for growth. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful endeavor.
  • Can Youths age 14-18 have a Birthday at Cool Aid?
    Absolutely! This is for all ages. We welcome all youth age groups! We request that again 2 adults be present, and that the capacity remain at 30 youths.
  • How does Booking our Facility work?
    Booking Process Highlights: ๐ŸŽˆ Automatic Reservation: Your booking automatically secures your chosen time slot, removing it from availability for others. ๐Ÿ“ž Administrative Outreach: Our administrative team reaches out promptly to confirm party details, including the number of attendees, desired rentals, and more, inclusive of all liability waivers and confirmations. ๐Ÿ“ง Confirmation Email: Once details are confirmed, you'll receive an email confirmation along with an invoice for your booking. ๐Ÿ’ณ Payment at Confirmation: To finalize your reservation, we require payment in full at the time of confirmation. This ensures your space is secured for the celebration. โ— Cancellation Policy: Failure to make the full payment at confirmation will result in the cancellation of your space, making it available for others to book. This streamlined process ensures a seamless and efficient experience for your celebration at the Cool Aid Society's Youth Centre. ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ‰ #BookingProcess #CelebrateWithUs #EffortlessCelebrations
  • Can I bring Alcohol?
    NO! Not for any reason. Please note that we are a DRY Facility and NO ALCOHOL Is permitted on site.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Thank you for choosing the Cool Aid Society's Youth Centre for your booking. Please be aware that all booking services are non-refundable. However, we understand that plans can change, and we offer the following options for flexibility and community support: Transferable Value: Your booking can be transferred to our PD Days or Schools Out Seasonal Breaks (Spring, Summer, or Winter). Transfer to Another Person: You have the option to transfer your booking to another individual. Charitable Donation: Alternatively, you can choose to contribute the booking amount to our Charity as a Donation on Account, and receive a tax receipt. Since all proceeds directly support our Subsidy Program, enabling access for youth in need, we appreciate your understanding and commitment to our mission. Notification Requirement: To coordinate effectively and ensure proper staffing for facility use, we kindly request that you inform us of any changes as soon as possible. Rescheduling: We offer two slots per Saturday/Sunday, and rescheduling is possible only if the calendar allows. This can be arranged via phone or email. Your booking not only provides you with an enjoyable experience but also contributes significantly to our community initiatives. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to hosting your event at the Cool Aid Society's Youth Centre. ๐ŸŒŸ #CommunitySupport #BookingPolicy #YouthEmpowerment
  • How many Children can attend a Birthday Party?
    We max this out at 30 youth ages 5-14 and we will have 1 staff member on site for liability purposes and to ensure the safety of youth and our facility. We do ask that you have at least 2 adults on site for your Birthday. This is a FAMILY birthday, you are renting the space, we are only there for liability purposes, and for any immediate requests and queries.
  • Can I bring Food?
    Yes! Bring Everything! We have a full Kitchen and Fridge to assist keeping items fresh. Please note that we are a DRY Facility and NO ALCOHOL Is permitted on site.
  • What type of events and functions does Cool Aid Society cater to at its facilities?
    Cool Aid Society primarily reserves its facilities for birthday parties, special functions, and events catering to children, pre-teens, and teenagers. However, we are also open to other events and requirements, such as meetings or other functions. Our team uses a booking process to reserve times for these events, so please reach out to us to discuss and book your event. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for youth and their families, as well as to accommodate the needs of other events that align with our mission and values.
  • What are the requirements for youth participation in the offered classes at Cool Aid Society
    At Cool Aid Society, we have evolved our approach to participation in our classes. While in the past participation was mandatory for all youth, we now offer a variety of classes and programs that youth can sign up for based on their interests and needs. The length of these classes is determined by the specific program or course, and youths would be required to participate if their parent or guardian is dropping them off for that signed-up course. Additionally, many of our courses require special permission forms to be completed and statistics to be able to offer these courses for free to families, and we do need to monitor for this and our ratios. This new approach allows for more tailored interests and voluntary participation, ensuring that youth have the opportunity to engage in programming that is meaningful to them. It is important to note that these are signed classes designed for the youth to gain certifications or a final presentation from these class and therefore any youth who wants to participate must be registered and booked for that class.
  • What are the special programs offered by Cool Aid Society?
    Cool Aid Society offers special programs that work in conjunction with our Afterschool Program and our Pre-Teen and Teen program. These special programs are hosted by our Funders and Partners to bring great opportunities to youth in different age groups, all with a mental health focus, in a fun and engaging way. These programs are designed to provide additional support and enrichment to our regular programs, and they cover a range of activities such as art therapy, mindfulness training, outdoor adventures, and career development workshops. By participating in these programs, our youth can gain valuable skills, build confidence, and develop a sense of belonging within their community. We are proud to offer these special programs to our youth to help them thrive and reach their full potential.

We host monthly Parent Nights, the last Thursday of every month! Come and Join us!!!!

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