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About Us.

Established in 1979, The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie is a Charitable Organization dedicated to the positive development of youth aged 5 to 18.


Offering no-cost after-school and evening programs with a focus on inclusivity, mental health, body positivity, friendship, mentorship, and community connection, we strive to


The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie is supported by awarded contracts and grants to ensure accessibility, and we're actively seeking volunteers and donations to make a lasting impact on the lives of the youth we serve and enhance our community.


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Our Mission.

  • Commitment: The Cool Aid Society, a compassionate Grande Prairie Charitable organization, is dedicated to serving the diverse youth community, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and innovative programming.


  • Programs: We provide engaging, interactive programs for youths aged 5 to 18, focusing on mental health, body positivity, friendship, mentorship, and community connection.


  • Impact: Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive environment, contributing to positive mental health and development. The impact of our programs resonates within the youth and the broader community, fostering an environment where they are more likely to grow, thrive, and excel.


  • Accessibility: Our programs, offered during afternoons and evenings, include no-cost afterschool and evening care for youths aged 5 to 18, special age-specific programs, and paid programming for Professional Development Days and Seasonal Breaks, ensuring accessibility for youths aged 5 to 14.


  • Inclusivity: Our commitment extends beyond specific demographics, making our youth center a safe haven for all youths in the Grande Prairie region, regardless of background or socio-economic status.


  • Community Connection: Together with our affiliates, donors, funders, partnerships, sponsorships, Board of Directors, Youth Leaders, volunteers, and remarkable young individuals and their families, we collectively empower youths to make healthy life decisions through guidelines, expectations, friendship, support, mentorship, and community connection.


Elevate youth well-being with The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie! Our inclusive programs foster mental health, body positivity, and community connection. Join us in making a positive impact.


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Meet our Board of Directors & Operations Team

Our dedicated Board of Directors oversees donations, fundraisers, and operational aspects, actively engaging with our community beyond board responsibilities, exemplifying a profound commitment to The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie and its mission.


Our Operations Team, works closely with our Board to ensure seamless program delivery and facility management. 

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Meet our Youth Leaders

Our dedicated Youth Leaders bring dynamic abilities and credentials, working daily to create exceptional, entertaining, and educational experiences for our youth, collaborating with guest speakers, actively nurturing relationships, and ensuring engagement and support in every activity at The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie.

Meet our Community  Funders & partners

We're thrilled to highlight the integral role played by our Community, Donors, Funders, Partners, and Sponsors, encompassing remarkable individuals, corporations, funders, other NPOs, and Educators.


Their unwavering support, initiatives, and collaborative programming are instrumental in fostering and sustainability of our organization, benefitting the families and youth of Grande Prairie and the surrounding area.

Want to Volunteer?

Do you want to help our organization? Do your want to get involved?

We always need help!!


We would be honoured to have you join our organization, and you can do so in a variety of different ways. 

Looking for a Career? A Summer Job?

Do you want to join and become a Youth Leader or a Summer Youth Leader? Apply today!

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