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Events. Save the Dates.

No upcoming events at the moment

🌟 Save the Dates for Unforgettable Moments! 📆✨

Discover the excitement at The Cool Aid Society of Grande Prairie with our upcoming events. Behind the scenes, our dedicated team is working tirelessly to bring you engaging, interactive, and memorable experiences.


From community gatherings to youth-focused initiatives, mark your calendars for a series of events that celebrate positivity, inclusion, and community spirit.

Stay tuned for more details as we unveil the magic happening behind the scenes, ensuring each event is a reflection of our commitment to fostering youth development and creating a vibrant, supportive community.


Your presence makes these moments even more special, so save the dates and join us in making a lasting impact together! 🌈 #CommunityEvents #YouthEmpowerment #SaveTheDates


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