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Meet our Community Partners.

The success of The Cool Aid Society in uplifting the diverse youth community of Grande Prairie is significantly bolstered by the support of our Community, their donations, along with the systems, grants, funding we're able to access.


Over the years we have been able to partner with many wonderful organizations, funders, local companies, and individuals to offer substantial contributions to our programs through dedicated speakers, and resources that allow us to work collaboratively with other organizations to ensure our mission, commitment, and initiatives are met on behalf of the youths. 


Through their generosity, we can offer engaging and inclusive programs for youths aged 5 to 18, emphasizing mental health, body positivity, friendship, mentorship, and community connection.

These essential contributors enable us to host impactful speakers and provide resources, creating a positive environment for the youth's development.

Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, including no-cost afterschool and evening care programs, paid programming for Professional Development days, and Seasonal Breaks with subsidies, is made possible by the unwavering support of these funders.

Their commitment extends beyond specific demographics, aligning with our mission to provide a safe and inclusive haven for all youths, irrespective of background or socio-economic status.


Together with our invaluable partners, dedicated Youth Leaders, and Board of Directors, we collectively empower these youths to make healthy life decisions, fostering a community where they feel valued, supported, and empowered.

Meet our Organization
& Program Partners.


Meet our 2024 Sponsors/ Donors.

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